Why be hormone free?

There were a lot of reasons I decided to finally be hormone free.

For those of you who are a little confused (Are you getting “fixed”? How do you get rid of hormones? Aren’t you a little young for menopause?) I’ll explain. I have always had pretty sever PMS. I’m not talking a little cranky when I start my period, I’m talking full blown pregnancy-type symptoms. Crying at EVERYTHING. Then laughing at EVERYTHING. Those things I could handle. What I didn’t like was the constant anxiety, irritability, and the way that affected the people around me. Add extreme fatigue, body aches and MAJOR cravings and that just about sums up the week BEFORE I start my period. No wonder I want to be hormone free!

Everyone I knew was on birth control.

When I was about 18 years old I decided to try birth control. I had moved in with my boyfriend at the time and wanted to be proactive. I remember feeling like such an adult. Everyone I knew was on birth control. Here’s the thing, I constantly forgot to take it. This happened so much that I decided to stop taking it all together. I figured, “why pay for something I’m not even going to use?”.

Look at those brows!!

I had started to contemplate why I was even alive.

I tried to be more diligent a few more times, I even made it 6 months taking the pill until one day I realized how it was actually affecting me. I told you I had experienced extreme mood swings before, those I was used to. Now I was having emotional and mental problems so bad that I was calling out of work. I had started to contemplate why I was even alive. Was all of this worth it? It was then that I decided I definitely was worth it, birth control pills were not.

I decided to give birth control another try.

My next experience with birth control was not quite so bad. I thought it was amazing at the time. When my husband and I started to get serious I decided to give birth control another try. I went to my local Planned Parenthood and talked to my doctor about my options. An IUD seemed like it was the perfect option! I chose a 5 year option with a low localized hormone. I didn’t have to remember to take a pill everyday and my hormones would only be raised a little? Hallelujah! I had it for about a year and a half before we decided to start a family and I went in and had it taken out.

I don’t want to be raging hormones.

After I had my son I got an IUD again as soon as possible. My husband and I do not want Irish twins so it seemed like the best option at the time. Now that I’ve had it almost a year I realize how, even tho it’s a small amount of localized hormones, it’s still affecting my day to day life. I don’t know if it’s having my son, or just that my life has changed so much in general, but I don’t want to just suck it up anymore. I don’t want to accept a way of life that’s any less. I don’t want to be raging hormones, I want to be hormone free. I deserve it. My son deserves for me to be the best possible and I am not my best when I’m taking hormonal birth control.

I am free!

So now I am on the journey to better health. I don’t condemn the use of hormonal birth control, it’s just not for me. There are plenty of other hormone free options. I am becoming more in tune with my body and finally listening to it. Thru meditation, healthy diet, exercise, and my own intuition I am free!


My name is Ashley Rose (a.Rose).  I have made it my life goal to teach women how to bring out their inner child, become in tune with the feminine goddess they are, and learn to love themselves unconditionally. I teach about holistic tools and mindset to assist on that beautiful journey. For any questions or comments email me at: arosemanifested@gmail.com