How to uplift the mind and body with Wild Orange.

One of my go-to oils for energy is Wild Orange.

If I’m heading to the gym or gearing up to clean my house Wild Orange is what I grab for many reasons. It’s sweet both to the taste and aromatically. I love putting it in my gym water bottle (as long as it’s glass!) or just taking it on the go while running errands.

Wild Orange has become one of doTERRA’s top selling essential oils due to it’s ability to uplift both the mind and the body. I personally love using it while cleaning to utilize it’s purifying nature. Just simply add a few drops to water and you have a natural cleaner that you don’t have to worry about your pets or children getting into!

Purifying internally.

Wild Orange is cold pressed from the peel. It is full of antioxidants so it is great when taken internally. I have added it to my water and made everything from orange and ginger chicken stir fry to baked goods. You can even add it to smoothies!

Wild Orange, when taken internally is great for immune support. It’s used in doTERRA’s protective blend On Guard. It helps support overall health and the immune system. It aids in digestion and is also very stimulating so it’s great for a boost of energy.

Uplifting aromatically.

Diffusing Wild Orange is so uplifting. It has such a sweet scent and smells amazing when combined with other essential oils like Grapefruit, Lemon or Lime. If you’re looking for a pick me up in the late afternoon or early evening pop 3-4 drops in your diffuser or even apply topically before reaching for the caffeine.

The energizing properties of Wild Orange are very uplifting. When you are stressed your body is more susceptible to immune threats. You can apply a few drops to de-stress and get the added bonus of immune support.

Important facts.

It’s important to know that after applying Wild Orange topically you should avoid direct sunlight for up to 12 hours. It should always be properly diluted when applying topically or internally. Most importantly it should be enjoyed! It has been such an amazing oil in my life and one that I reach for regularly!


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