Three Life Changing Daily Practices

This is a guest post by Tessonja Odette:


We all know we should build habits that encourage growth and success. We know we should eat well, exercise and take steps toward our goals. But throughout all the chaos in our lives, how do we build habits that actually make a difference?

Create a daily habit.

And not just any daily habit, a habit that is do-able, enjoyable, and easy to fit into your life! Repetition is key, but not in a boring, I’ve already done this a 
hundred times
 kinda way. In order to make a difference, this habit should grow according to your current needs and feelings.

The following three practices have changed my life since they became part of my daily habit. And I know they can change your life too!

Three Life Changing Daily Practices

1.) Meditation-It doesn’t have to be boring!

Unless you are already a meditation guru, I imagine this tip is met with the same eyerolls that came from me when I heard I should do this daily.

It wasn’t until I accepted that mediation is a personal experience that varies day to day and person to person before I really gave it a chance. I had to realize that some days, my mind would wander aimlessly with zero success at getting it to quiet. I had to accept that it’s ok if I don’t always feel the magic of chakras opening and otherworldly visions like other meditators I know.

What mattered was that I took the time to pursue meditation and learn what made me feel the best. I learned that I love guided meditations on YouTube. I learned that a simple ten minute (or even five minute!) meditation is enough to center me for my day.

I also learned about other meditation-like techniques that were more active. My favorites are EFT Tapping, Ho’oponopono, and Inner Child Dialogue/Journaling. These techniques have changed my life in major ways. When I’m feeling particularly angry, anxious, or upset, a traditional meditation just doesn’t cut it for me. In order to get back to zen, I first need to clear my uncomfortable emotions.

The life changing result? Regular mediation makes me less prone to anxiety. And when I do have a rough day, I know I can turn to one of my favorite meditative techniques to snap out of it quickly.

2.) Affirmations a day keep the doubt away!

Affirmations are positive statements about the things, feelings, and goals you want in your life. My current affirmations revolve around my goals as a writer. Some of my favorites are:

  • I am creating a career as a successful, published fantasy author!
  • It’s easy to make money as a fantasy author!
  • The universe is guiding me in perfect timing to the perfect opportunities!

I used to write my current affirmations and (try to) read them every day. But it was hard to stay motivated after a few weeks of repeating the same thing. And when I did, I hardly felt the words I was reading, because I’d already memorized them.

So I started writing them out fresh every single day. My core affirmations that I need to continue to focus on remain mostly the same. But new ones are added based on what I’m feeling and needing in my life at that moment.

I generally write two pages worth of affirmations every day, but you can do what feels right for you. Maybe some days you only need three affirmations. Other days, maybe you need twenty!

The life changing result? My daily affirmations keep me constantly pumped and aligned with my goals. Writing them every day keeps them fresh and growing with me.

3.) Goals and To-Do lists

Just like affirmations, clarifying your goals and writing out to-do lists daily helps you focus on what’s important.

I have an editable list of goals I want to manifest, both big and small. Things like finish my novel, get it published, and pay off my credit card. Just like affirmations, these goals change and grow with me. I review them daily, and try to rewrite them weekly, so I can be sure they never become rote.

In addition to my goals list, I have a to-do list. This list is different, as it is a list of actual steps that can get me from where I am now to where I want to be. My list contains steps such as blogging weekly to build my author platform, writing my next chapter by the end of the week, or researching something specific.

Every day, I look at my goals list and see what I can get done today that will move me closer to goals. Those action steps are then added to my to-do list. In order to avoid overwhelm, I only add a couple to-do steps per day. That way I actually do what I set out to accomplish!

The life changing result: Reviewing my goals and creating an actionable to-do list transforms my desires into a clear roadmap. My to-do list shows me everything I can do to work toward my goals in a realistic way. Now that’s exciting!

How to add these to your daily routine

Setting aside a realistic time that you can commit to every day is the best way to make these a habit. For me, that means waking up an hour before I go to work to meditate, read my affirmations, read my goals, and work on my to-do list (which for me, means working on writing a chapter of my book.)

Start small! Even ten minutes a day can make a difference!



Tessonja Odette is a young mother living in Seattle. And by young, it means 30-something is the new 16. Tessonja is currently finishing her first novel, From the Shadows of Lela, book one in her Lela Trilogy. Aside from writing and having dance parties with her daughter, Tessonja is also an artist and musician. Her goal is to encourage others to find their passions and follow their dreams. Follow her journey and find encouragement in yours at

Tessonja Odette