Three journaling methods to push through a mental block

Have any of you tried to sit down to write something only to have your pen not work or your fingers not want to type?

I know I have. More often than I’d like to admit. Most of those days when I felt that mental block it was because my mind wasn’t where it needed to be. I was distracted by a fight with my husband, or my son was fussy that day and I couldn’t focus. While in this mindset I tend to feel like everything I think of just doesn’t sound right or won’t appeal to my audience. That self doubt creeps in and the block goes up.

I’ve struggled with self doubt my whole life. I’ve always strived to be liked and appreciated which has led to WAY too much overthinking. 9 times out of ten when I experience this I turn to my journal (one of many). I literally have a journal for everything. I write down daily thoughts, affirmations and goals in one book. One journal has topic ideas, content information and definitions of words I find interesting. I have a whole note section in my phone of ideas that pop up in my head throughout the day. The point is to just write. The more you write the more you become comfortable expressing yourself.

1.) Daily Journal

My daily journal is just for me. It is completely my own insecurities, upsets, accomplishments and dreams. This journal was key to building self love. Simply getting those thoughts out into the universe allowed me to let them go to a certain extent and focus on more important things. It’s the best friend that would never judge me for the ridiculous thoughts that pop into my mind. Having a fluent dialect with yourself is key to tapping into the flow of words that you are ultimately looking for.

2.) Creative Journal

The second journal I mentioned is my personal creative journal. This journal is a dumpster for all of the creative content that my brain creates. I have countless notebooks filled with stories that most likely will never get finished. The idea behind that is that those topics and ideas could potentially be meant for a concept you haven’t quite thought of yet. Looking through old journals is a great way to break a mental block by rediscovering gems that you completely forgot you wrote down to begin with.

I also write facts in my creative journal that interest me about key articles I commonly speak on. It’s essentially the sticky note equivalent that keeps your house from being covered in multicolored snippets. Again, these facts can be short or lengthy but it’s helpful to have them at hand when I need them.

Writing definitions to interesting words is also a great creative journal aspect. Think of it as you’re own personal thesaurus for when you’re stuck and trying to find a word to fill a hole that you can’t seem to come up with on your own. The best part is you can revisit journals from YEARS ago and still find interesting facts, words and bits of stories that are applicable to what you’re writing about currently.

3.) Dream Journal

This next journal idea is for those of you that think more outside the box. Especially if you write novels or stories. Lucid dreaming, and more importantly dream journaling is amazing. Lucid dreaming is a dream in which you are aware that you are dreaming. Once you become aware that you are in fact dreaming your possibilities are endless.

My best lucid dream sessions happened just on the brink of fully falling asleep. As a child I often dreamed I was a Rockstar or something else equally embarrassing. In this case a dream journal is perfect. These are a little bit trickier as they take more practice actually remembering the details of what happened since you are not fully conscious. You have to be super consistent at writing as soon as you wake up so it is fresh in your mind.

I started with writing down dreams that had occurred naturally. Sometimes it was key facts, sometimes it was multiple paragraphs in detail. Then I got more skilled at manipulating my dreams as they came to me. The idea is to keep your mind open!



My name is Ashley Rose (a.Rose).  I grew up in a small town in Washington with a love for people, nature, animals and a passion for art. I have a strong connection to my spiritual side, but not any religion in particular. I also have a connection to nature (being a Taurus and an Earth sign that totally makes sense!) and truly believe getting lost in the woods can clear my mind better than anything else. is really a testament to the power of positivity, how it can manifest things in your life, and how it has manifested in my life in particular.