A tarot story of how a spirit crystal found it’s rightful home.

It’s amazing how, once you make the connection, tarot and crystals can have such an affect on your life.

I had the chance to do some practice this weekend with my Mother in law using my Mystic Faerie Tarot deck. We talked about what she had going on in her life and what she needed guidance on. My Father in law just recently changed job positions so there was no need for guidance in employment. She is such a strong woman and has done a lot of relationship work in the past so all of her relationships are at a point that she feels comfortable with. We decided to do a spiritual pull.

I did some research and found a spread from Pinterest called the “spiritual check-up spread”.  It’s a four card spread so I asked her to choose four crystals from my personal collection. She chose Citrine, Red Jasper, Dendritic Agate, and Peacock Ore. I asked her to pass the crystals thru the smoke of my sandalwood incense and hold them individually in her hand. I had her picture a white light around the stone and then allow the stone to let her feel it’s energy. After she was done I pulled her cards.

The Sun

 1) What is my social and emotional well-being like right now?

The first card we pulled, the sun, represents her current social and emotional well-being. The message here is happiness. Her current state, especially last weekend, was very happy. Her house was full of kids and grandkids. She is always one to put on fun parties and she had succeeded in that yet again. We both felt that this card was very accurate for her current situation.

Ace of Swords

2) What weakens my spirit?

This pull was loaded. We both knew to expect something not so pleasant. “Weakens my spirit” is not such a great thing to think of.  The Ace of Swords puts a positive spin on negativity. It states that she will, in fact, face problems but she should find healthy ways to solve them. It’s definetly aesthetically a very striking card. The sword looks as though you shouldn’t mess with the owner. The takeaway from this was much more positive than anticipated.

Ten of Swords

3) What can I (and/or others) do to support my spirit?

This is where we absolutely lost it. Look at that poor Faerie!! She looks absolutely defeated. This card in particular popped out a few times while I was shuffling. It was as if it was amplifying the fact that it was meant to be a part of her life.

There is a strong similarity to Jesus on the Cross portrayed on the Ten of Swords. That is also a great metaphor for what the card tells us. It is saying that something in our life has ended. A life changing event has happened possibly leaving us dead inside. It also promises that without a doubt something new will come. Just like Jesus rising from the dead! A new morning will bring the promise of the sunrise and renewed hope.

The Priest
4) What Strengthens my spirit?

After I pulled this card it felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my mother in laws shoulders. Even with the promise of a new day, hard times can be daunting without knowing whats waiting on the other side of them. The Priest signifies dedication to study. It hints that she will learn new things and possibly become a teacher of those lessons herself. She is deepening her spirituality.

Spirituality spread
Crystals and our final thoughts

The pull itself was quite moving. After we had taken a minute to reflect further on the spread as a whole I asked her to place the crystals on the card that she felt they were drawn to. She placed Citrine with the sun.

Citrine enables assertive and outgoing behavior. It also assists in setting proper emotional boundaries and maintaining them. It’s a good stone for people who can’t say no (which is exactly my mother in law!).

For the Ace of Swords she chose Red Jasper. This stone is very grounding. It is a stone of fairness and justice enhancing responsibility, choice and compassion. It is also a protection stone which we felt very much mirrored the sword pictured on the card.

Dendritic Agate
Dentritic Agate: the spirit stone

For the third card, the Ten of Swords, she chose Dendritic Agate, which she ended up asking to keep because it spoke to her so much. This really struck me because not only did she have a strong emotional response when i flipped the card, she also was very moved when I asked her to explain why she picked the crystal in correlation.

Dendritic Agate is ideal for examination of one’s self, especially self-imposed limitations. It strengthens family connections and stabilizes the aura while eliminating and transforming negative energies.

When I went to the crystal shop and picked out that Dendritic Agate it was for Spring Equinox.  I loved the look and the feel and I was drawn to it but I didn’t feel it was meant for me. When she asked to keep it that feeling was made clear to me. That stone had found it’s rightful owner and I was so relieved that it had!

Her happy ending.

The stone she placed on The Priest was the Peacock Ore. I actually verbally said, “Oh my gosh!” when she did this because it just seemed so fitting, especially because she didn’t realize yet what it meant. Peacock Ore is a stone of intellect. It is used to enhance clarity of thought, concentration, focus and understanding of difficult concepts.

I’m so happy we had this time for me to grow with my tarot cards and crystals. More importantly I’m honored that she let me be such an intimate part of her spiritual journey. Our bond was definetly strengthened and I look forward to growing and learning in spirituality with her! (Love you mom!!)

My Mother in law’s spring altar.


My name is Ashley Rose (a.Rose).  I have made it my life goal to teach women how to bring out their inner child, become in tune with the feminine goddess they are, and learn to love themselves unconditionally. I teach about holistic tools and mindset to assist on that beautiful journey. For any questions or comments email me at: arosemanifested@gmail.com



3 Replies to “A tarot story of how a spirit crystal found it’s rightful home.”

  1. This is perfect! You not only helped me in my spiritual journey but you captured my thoughts and feelings to perfection. I call the stone my spirit stone, I had an immediate connection to it. It is my ancestors, most specifically my Dad, Bob. I lost my Dad many times for many reasons, divorce then death. But I feel him often and now I have him in my spirit stone. Thank you just isn’t enough.

    1. I’m so honored to be a part of that. It’s amazing when loved ones come thru and I feel that he really did. I love you and I’m so glad we’re on this journey together!

  2. It’s amazing! Meren! You’d said, oh I only choose for looks and how pretty it is. Then later the stone chose you. Or, maybe I should say you found each other?

    Thank you both for sharing! And thank you both for letting me learn and open my heart too. Not many are willing and Saturday was so natural.


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