Tarot Reading

First I would like to describe my reading style. I cleanse myself either with sage or intuitively with essential oils, choosing crystals to help me in the same way. I pull a card for myself for guidance as to what I need to be looking for. I then start the reading by asking if there is anything in particular that you are looking for guidance with, and follow a spread that I feel called to accordingly or simply allow the cards that need to be heard speak to us. I let the cards that are meant for you fall out of the deck, never pulling from the deck myself. I may ask a few questions along the way if I am called, but usually it is just for verification on feelings that I am getting. I try to make my readings the most positive uplifting experience as possible despite what message spirit has for us!


If you’ve been hesitant to invest in a reading, here are some reviews from previous readings I’ve done:


Ashley really gave me a lot of clarity on my current situation. She brought me great ease and allowed me to shift forward to energetically cut negative attachment cords. I recommend a reading from her and seeing for yourselves how truly talented she is. Thank you Ashley for giving a little piece of mind 🙂

– Carrie


I had a reading with Ashley and it was very enlightening! It gave me confidence and clarity in my thoughts and actions. She explains things in a way that is understandable and genuine. He passion for readings is absolutely present and she keeps you wanting more! I would recommend her for anyone and would love future readings. Thanks Ashley!

– Erin


I cannot thank Ashley enough for the reading I just received. This was my first reading, since I’ve begun on my spiritual journey a few months ago. I saw that she was running a special offer for readings, messaged her in the morning, and it took me about all day to message her back and have the reading. I’m not even sure what made me decide to go for it but I’m so glad I did. I received the validation/sign that I had been looking for regarding my current relationship and Ashley was so kind during the entire process. This was a decision that I had been struggling with for a few months, but more so in the last week or so. For some, seeking validating regarding leaving a relationship and learning about the emptiness the relationship may bring if I stayed would be too much and Ashley so gracious that she asked me if I wanted to continue and hear what the cards had in store for me and my future. I honestly cannot explain how happy I am for getting this reading down, how accurate it was regarding what I was feeling doing and how easy/welcoming Ashley was for my first reading! If needed, as I’m sure there will be other time sand situations, I will definitely request a reading from Ashley again!!



Ashley Rose is a gifted intuitive tarot/oracle card reader. She handles what could be touchy subjects with sensitivity and professionalism. Everything she said during my reading resonated and answered the questions I had.  I highly recommend Ashley Rose for your oracle/tarot readings!


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Book you’re reading now! I would love to be a messenger of what the universe has to tell you!!