A girly essential oil.

Lately my self love has been embracing the power of feminine energy.

doTERRA’s Grapefruit essential oil is what I’d like to call a girly essential oil. Grapefruit is known as the “forbidden fruit” and has many benefits from skin care to supporting a healthy metabolism.  It also increases motivation when diffused. It’s sweet both aromatically and internally!

Grapefruit oil is cold pressed from grapefruit peel. The name comes from the image the fruit displays in nature as it grows in clusters like grapes.  Fun Nerdy Fact! Grapefruits chemical constituent is d-limonene. Limonene has uplifting properties and dissolves other oils which makes it good for diffusing and cleansing.

 Grapefruit essential oil and skin care.

Every once in a while the nightmare of horrible skin comes to haunt me in my adult life. I get horrendous “boils” as I like to call them that seem to last for weeks. Along with Lavender and Melaluca oil I turn to Grapefruit to help me out!  I usually dilute it with fractionated coconut oil and apply it to my face after cleansing. The coconut oil is great for hydrating and the cleansing properties of the Grapefruit oil help to reduce any blemishes.

I also commonly use Grapefruit and ginger essential oil in massages. Grapefruit uplifts my mood and ginger is very soothing. I always make sure to dilute both with fractionated coconut oil and avoid sunlight for 12 hours after using any citrus essential oil!! Grapefruit eo is a must have for any girly spa day.

doTERRA’s Grapefruit essential oil

Self love and a healthy metabolism

I had always hated grapefruits as a kid. I could eat almost every other citrus fruit but I could not stand grapefruit. This is the power of Grapefruit essential oil. I actually craved it one day. So I said, “Why not!” and added it to my water! It is has such a sweet taste!! That’s one of the other reasons this oil is girly.

I am a huge promoter of self love. What better way to love yourself than by supporting your metabolism? Loving ourselves starts on the inside and this takes that to the most literal level. Now I have experimented with not only adding Grapefruit eo to my water, but I have also cooked with it! It’s such a good way to implement natural ingredients into your diet!

Uplift yourself like a girl boss

Even the scent of Grapefruit essential oil is girly and sweet. I tend to grab it when I’m having an off day, especially when it’s “that time” of the month. Its very uplifting and helps me out when I need a little extra motivation to be positive. I diffuse this oil very often.

Grapefruit essential oil is great for diffusing when I have been studying or writing for a long time to maintain focus. I even apply it topically before going to the gym to receive the uplifting and motivating benefits. It’s great as a perfume because it’s so sweet and will be sure to give you positive vibes! Again, make sure you’re properly diluting and avoiding sunlight for 12 hours when applying topically!

Fun, flirty and girly

I’m a super girly girl so it makes sense to me now that I would love Grapefruit essential oil. Now this isn’t to say that men can’t use it too! Give them a little boost of self love by putting it in their water or cooking a meal with them! I love how versatile this oil is and that it helps uplift me to put a positive spin on almost anything!



My name is Ashley Rose (a.Rose).  I have made it my life goal to teach women how to bring out their inner child, become in tune with the feminine goddess they are, and learn to love themselves unconditionally. I teach about holistic tools and mindset to assist on that beautiful journey. For any questions or comments email me at: arosemanifested@gmail.com



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