How to create the world of your dreams thru lucid dreaming.

Haven’t you always wanted the ability to alter your life events?

If something wasn’t going your way you could just snap your fingers or say a catch phrase and the tables would turn? Lucid dreaming can give you that opportunity. All you have to do is learn!

I first mentioned lucid dreaming in my guest blog post about three journaling methods I wrote for the sweet Tessonja Odette (of I started lucid dreaming when I was a child. This was long before I even knew what it actually meant. Every once in a great while I still have those same dreams and am able to reflect on my growth.

My dreams started out very innocent. I would usually be at a school dance and have the opportunity to go on stage and sing with a band. My friends would think I’m amazing and ask for more. I would fall asleep blissfully and all would be well once I woke up.

Every so often I would have a terrible dream. One of my reoccurring nightmares was that I was stuck in a tower with a spiral staircase. A darker part of me was in the main room on the bottom floor playing piano. Always an ominous tune. I knew it was my dark side because I was always wearing a black lace dress.

My light side would be wearing the same dress but white. I would run up and down the stairs of the tower looking in all of the rooms. They were always all full. I could never find a quiet room to myself.

This particular dream in itself fascinates me because it was one of the dreams that repeated itself regularly as a child. I only ever had this dream once as an adult. This was the lucid dream that had the most impact in my life.

My dark and light sides

As I entered into this dream as an adult, I remember the feeling of anxiety and exhaustion I felt as my lighter self running from room to room. I headed for the stair, but this time, instinctually I stopped myself. I turned around and sat next to my darker self playing the piano. Immediately all of the doors of the tower opened and I felt a sense of peace. Both sides of me smiled and I drifted into sleep.

It wasn’t until I woke up that I realized that the tower was me. The light and dark were the sides of my personality. All the rooms were different aspects of my character. My light side could never find her own space because her place was alongside the darkness to create balance. They were what kept the rooms functioning openly.

This is the most beautiful aspect of lucid dreaming.. Once you learn how, you get to know your subconscious on the deepest levels. I would have never started my journey of accepting the negative aspects of my personality if it wasn’t for lucid dreaming.

How to lucid dream

Step one

The first step if you are wanting to try lucid dreaming (other than being open to it in general) is to de-stress! If you’re overly tired when you start your body won’t be receptive. Even if you’re open you may just end up having a bad experience and have to work harder.

Step two

The next thing is to keep a dream journal. The more you are aware of your dreams the easier it gets to recall them. This makes altering them more obtainable. I even keep a crystal by my bed that aids in dremwork.

Step three

The final step is to recognize when you are dreaming. Once you do you will be able to alter your own reactions, then the reactions of the dream itself. It will take some practice but eventually you will know when you are actively in charge.


When you do finally realize you are in fact dreaming you are filled with anxiety and excitement. It’s a lot like Inception in the fact that the people in your dream, or even you yourself might become more aggressive. Not violent, just louder in their thoughts and opinions. Try to push thru this. Those feelings might be enough to wake you up.

Tonight when you go to bed, and your feeling in the mood to try lucid dreaming, meditate. Clear your mind. Close your eyes and allow your mind to create a scene. Are you at the park? Are you with friends? Try to recreate this dream each night before you go to bed and eventually you and your subconscious will make your dreams come true!


My name is Ashley Rose (a.Rose).  I have made it my life goal to teach women how to bring out their inner child, become in tune with the feminine goddess they are, and learn to love themselves unconditionally. I teach about holistic tools and mindset to assist on that beautiful journey. For any questions or comments email me at: