Cleansing the spirit and strengthening the family.

There’s something about a good road trip that inspires an adventure.

My husband and I traveled from southern Washington up to Port Angeles Washington over Easter weekend. We’re lucky to have family at basically two hour increments the whole trip. Traveling with a baby it’s necessary to make frequent stops. Seeing all the greenery of spring really cleansed our spirit and spending all that time in the car together strengthened our growing family.

On the way up we didn’t get to stop and look at many things. We did have a beautiful view while crossing the hood canal bridge. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry to get somewhere so we just focused on getting to our destination safely.

Hood Canal Bridge

Cleansing the Spirit

As I’ve mentioned I’m an Earth sign (Taurus to be exact). My husband is a Water sign (Pisces) and so is our son (Scorpio). Although our son is too young to cognitively understand why he loves nature, you can tell in his eyes that he loves taking it all in.

The PNW is a perfect spot for us. There’s lush green mountains and ocean all along the peninsula that we were traveling. We love driving up into the woods and getting out to hike around. Unfortunately this trip there wasn’t time for that. We still felt cleansed either way!

Port Angeles

Port Angeles is such a cute little town. It’s a logging town on the water with a two hour ferry ride to Canada. I used to take that ferry regularly with my grandma as a kid. I’m always reminded of the grand adventures she took us on every visit.

This quaint little town was a vacation spot for me my whole childhood. Both of my parent’s grew up there and most of my family stayed. I’m quite lucky to have a spot to squat any time I want to hike hurricane ridge (my husband and my first hike together), visit salt creek, or take a trip into Canada.

Port Townsend
Port Townsend
Port Townsend

Port Townsend

On our way back from Port Angeles we had a little more time. We decided to cut out to Port Townsend and back thru Chimacum. Port Townsend was another regular town that my grandma would take us to for day trips.

Port Townsend is home to Fort Worden. This was and is the most fascinating and terrifying place to be. Its so beautiful and interesting but I have a distinct memory as a kid of walking thru the pitch black bunker and feeling the cold down to my bones.

My grandma would always take us to Elevated Ice Cream and get us a treat on our way back. We would eat our ice cream and play by the water and most of the time fall asleep on the way back. On our trip thru this time it was more sweet to reminisce.

View leaving Port Townsend
Strengthening Family

My husband and I have taken a few road trips together. We always do better on the road than just sitting at home. We also feel so cleansed driving thru nature that when we get back into civilization is when we start to bicker. The shock of inpatient drivers and hurried bodies causes us anxiety. There’s a sort of strengthening bond that forms when we’re stuck in the car with just our little family.

This trip was down memory lane for both of us. He had also taken regular trips up the peninsula as a kid so we were both remembering how it felt to see these things thru young eyes. I’m so happy that we are able to allow our son to experience these things as a child as well.

If you ever need a place to get away, a road trip to Port Angeles is the perfect destination. The sights on the way will cleanse your spirit. The cleanse and the time together will strengthen your family.



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