Experiencing the power of Luna can be a life changing experience!

Once a month there is always a few days where I feel completely drained, experience more anxiety that usual, or I’m wired with energy. I’ve come to find that my cycle (when not inhibited by other factors) falls around this time as well. With a little bit of research I realized this is all due to Luna.

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Why be hormone free?

There were a lot of reasons I decided to finally be hormone free.

For those of you who are a little confused (Are you getting “fixed”? How do you get rid of hormones? Aren’t you a little young for menopause?) I’ll explain. I have always had pretty sever PMS. I’m not talking a little cranky when I start my period, I’m talking full blown pregnancy-type symptoms. Crying at EVERYTHING. Then laughing at EVERYTHING. Those things I could handle. What I didn’t like was the constant anxiety, irritability, and the way that affected the people around me. Add extreme fatigue, body aches and MAJOR cravings and that just about sums up the week BEFORE I start my period. No wonder I want to be hormone free!

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