Why be hormone free?

There were a lot of reasons I decided to finally be hormone free.

For those of you who are a little confused (Are you getting “fixed”? How do you get rid of hormones? Aren’t you a little young for menopause?) I’ll explain. I have always had pretty sever PMS. I’m not talking a little cranky when I start my period, I’m talking full blown pregnancy-type symptoms. Crying at EVERYTHING. Then laughing at EVERYTHING. Those things I could handle. What I didn’t like was the constant anxiety, irritability, and the way that affected the people around me. Add extreme fatigue, body aches and MAJOR cravings and that just about sums up the week BEFORE I start my period. No wonder I want to be hormone free!

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The 7 basic Chakras

Are there areas of your life that always seem to be out of balance?

Do you feel like you can’t ever express yourself, or that you are’t confident enough? This could be because one of your chakras is blocked. Luckily, once you get it back into alignment your life can become more harmonious. Continue reading “The 7 basic Chakras”

A girly essential oil.

Lately my self love has been embracing the power of feminine energy.

doTERRA’s Grapefruit essential oil is what I’d like to call a girly essential oil. Grapefruit is known as the “forbidden fruit” and has many benefits from skin care to supporting a healthy metabolism.  It also increases motivation when diffused. It’s sweet both aromatically and internally! Continue reading “A girly essential oil.”

Cleansing the spirit and strengthening the family.

There’s something about a good road trip that inspires an adventure.

My husband and I traveled from southern Washington up to Port Angeles Washington over Easter weekend. We’re lucky to have family at basically two hour increments the whole trip. Traveling with a baby it’s necessary to make frequent stops. Seeing all the greenery of spring really cleansed our spirit and spending all that time in the car together strengthened our growing family. Continue reading “Cleansing the spirit and strengthening the family.”

The Master Lucid Dreamer

This is a guest post written by Wesley Murphy:

The critically acclaimed film “A Beautiful Mind” was released when I was in middle school and inadvertently triggered a change in my perception that made me into an accomplished lucid dreamer. Without giving too much of the film away to those that haven’t yet viewed it, the plot deals a lot with perceptions of reality both objectively true and subconsciously fabricated. It terrified me at the time that I may one day lose or at least weaken my ability to determine reality, so from henceforth I made it a mission to always identify and question my perceptions. Little did I know this is exactly what one must do to master lucid dreaming. Continue reading “The Master Lucid Dreamer”