A little more authentic

I’m sitting here in my towel with 5 other posts to write, tons of editing waiting for me and about 5000 other things to do, but I felt called to be more authentic.

Glamorous Right?

I wanted to explain my absence a little. I was trying so hard to create content that I felt overwhelmed and didn’t feel genuine. For that I’m sorry. I always preach authenticity but it’s so damn hard to do yourself!

I took time off to bring more value to my work.

I want to give the best of me. That’s not possible if I’m overwhelmed. So I went a little hiatus and now I’m back better than ever!

Here are some things that  you can expect in the near future:

  • More details on some of our AMAZING hikes: Eagle Creek to Punch Bowl, Angles Rest and Elk Cove
  • Manifesting: How to woo and what to avoid.
  • Course Content(!!): Be sure to check out the new course tab!
  • Tarot readings: I also have a new Tarot tab where you can find out how I read and read some testimonials.
  • Essential oil goodness: My personal essential oil usages.
  • Crystals (ooooh shiny!): My personal Crystals and what I recommend.



Also head over to my Shop to see what I’ve concocted or get your own personal order!




Most of all I want to say thank you for being here! I wouldn’t be able to live out my dreams if it wasn’t for you so thank you so much!


My name is Ashley Rose (a.Rose).  I grew up in a small town in Washington with a love for people, nature, animals and a passion for art. I have a strong connection to my spiritual side, but not any religion in particular. I also have a connection to nature (being a Taurus and an Earth sign that totally makes sense!) and truly believe getting lost in the woods can clear my mind better than anything else. ARosemanifested.com is really a testament to the power of positivity, how it can manifest things in your life, and how it has manifested in my life in particular.