A little more authentic

I’m sitting here in my towel with 5 other posts to write, tons of editing waiting for me and about 5000 other things to do, but I felt called to be more authentic.

Glamorous Right?

I wanted to explain my absence a little. I was trying so hard to create content that I felt overwhelmed and didn’t feel genuine. For that I’m sorry. I always preach authenticity but it’s so damn hard to do yourself!

I took time off to bring more value to my work.

I want to give the best of me. That’s not possible if I’m overwhelmed. So I went a little hiatus and now I’m back better than ever!

Here are some things that  you can expect in the near future:

  • More details on some of our AMAZING hikes: Eagle Creek to Punch Bowl, Angels Rest and Elk Cove
  • Manifesting: How to woo and what to avoid.
  • Course Content(!!): Be sure to check out the new course tab!
  • Tarot readings: I also have a new Tarot tab where you can find out how I read and read some testimonials.
  • Essential oil goodness: My personal essential oil usages.
  • Crystals (ooooh shiny!): My personal Crystals and what I recommend.



Also head over to my Shop to see what I’ve concocted or get your own personal order!




Most of all I want to say thank you for being here! I wouldn’t be able to live out my dreams if it wasn’t for you so thank you so much!

My name is Ashley Rose (a.Rose).  I have made it my life goal to teach women how to bring out their inner child, become in tune with the feminine goddess they are, and learn to love themselves unconditionally. I teach about holistic tools and mindset to assist on that beautiful journey. For any questions or comments email me at: arosemanifested@gmail.com